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We manufacture charcoal using the best firewood grown on the private land without damaging the forest ecosystem.
We make charcoal using pyrolysis method which controls pollution upto 75% and produces best charcoal in the industry. We produce charcoal with high carbon content upto 75% giving GCV in the range of 5500 to  6500 at a moisture level less than 8%.

We have a consolidated production capacity of over 15000 MT per annum. 

For the barbeque and tandoor we hand pick our charcoal and is further graded using the grading machine which grades the charcoal into various sizes ranging from 10 mm to 70 mm which suits almost every industry.

The Charcoal is then packed in the Corrugated box / HDPE / Jute bags ranging from 10 Kg to 50 Kg based on the client's requirement.

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