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Since 1952


We introduce ourselves as THE COAL DEPOT (TCD), a company dealing in high quality harcode & coke used in furnaces for casting industry, Coal, Firewood & Charcoal used in hospitality & fine dining industry in India, Activated Carbon (derived from charcoal, saw-dust or Coconut Shell) used in water treatment & other sectors.

TCD has made its presence felt time after time in the Industry since 1952 and Aspires to grow as far as it could, by proving its credibility through good quality fuel to suit its customers. Being one of the largest suppliers of coal in the Industry for so many years, It has now understood the needs of its customers and is competitive enough to provide its customers according to their demands. As Understandable, the Taste and Quality of every special dish & cuisine that you prepare also depends on the value of heat and the kind of odour, given by the fuel you burn, which makes it important for you to choose your fuel with the same care that you chose your ingredients with. Having largest warehouse of Coal & Wood in New Delhi, enables us to serve you better with your fuel needs for all your needs.

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